2014 April

Our work developing nanophotonic standing wave array traps (nSWATs) has been published in Nature Nanotechnology. Physics today has written a commentary on this work, and it is also featured in Nanotechweb and the Cornell Chronicle! The full text PDF is available.

2013 July

Our article on transcription under torsion has been published in Science. Click here to read the article! Also check out commentary in the Cornell Chronicle.

2011 October

Our article on the mechanism T7 helicase uses to unzip DNA has been published in Nature. Click here to read the article! Also check out commentaries on ScienceDaily news and in the Cornell Chronicle.

2009 January

Our recently published work on mapping nucleosome-DNA interactions has been featured in the Cornell Chronicle. The article is available here.

2008 May

Professor Wang Named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator